Step 1: Choose your crops.
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Ponix Farms can grow essentially everything except trees (we're working on it...). If you have questions or concerns about a specific crop, be sure to share in the "Additional Info / Special Requests" box.
Step 2: Choose your scale.
Please indicate either how much space you have, or how much you would like to grow annually.
Step 3: Choose your location.
This will allow us to include monthly and annual operational cost estimates based on local water and energy rates.
Will your farm be in an existing space, or outdoors?
Step 4: Choose your financing.
We offer different forms financing for Ponix Farms. Our financing partner allows Ponix Farms customers to Lease or Loan, with a down payment and monthly payments based on credit scores. If you are looking to use the Ponix brand, we also offer a Franchise model for interested long term partners. Choose your preference below:
Step 5: Become a farmer.
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Please provide any additional info or links to photos and/or videos that would help us better understand your space/needs.